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Alysis Resource Compressor    
About the Alysis Resource Compressor™      

The Alysis Resource Compressor™  
Apple Computer has long compressed its own system software and applications with a technology superior to that offered by third parties.  Apple's compressed applications like the Finder, TeachText, and ResEdit take up less disk space than uncompressed applications but behave like ordinary software.  Apple's applications, unlike those compressed by third party programs like Disk Doubler and Stuffit Deluxe, show accurate information in the Finder's "Get Info’ window, launch without delays, and require no additional software to operate.  Alysis Software Corporation makes a product which allows software developers to apply the same compression technology to their own software to reduce disk duplication costs, accelerate application launch times and reduce hard disk space consumption for end users. 

The Alysis Resource Compressor makes System 7 specific applications, INITs, control-panels, and system extensions smaller by applying data compression to the individual resources inside the files.  Since the resources are only decompressed when they are accessed, the applications compressed by the Alysis Resource Compressor in many cases launch faster than the uncompressed originals.  Because the decompression is done by Apple's system software, the applications do not require supporting software to launch and exhibit the same high level of compatibility with other software as Apple's own compressed applications:  they open properly with ResEdit, operate correctly with the Finder's 'Get Info' function and can be properly scanned with anti-virus software. 

Software publishers who wish to compress their applications, INITs, control panels, system extensions and resource-based files can use the Alysis Resource Compressor to shrink their software resources into the exact same format as those compressed by Apple. The Alysis Resource Compressor can compress any application or extension at any stage of the software development process.  Since it operates on resources,  the Alysis Resource Compressor does not require the addition of any new code or even recompilation of existing code.  Developers can simply drag and drop their products, in shipping form, onto the Alysis Resource Compressor icon and in minutes have smaller versions of their software. 


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