Company Profile      

Founded in 1990, Alysis Software Corporation publishes compression and video software and licenses technology. The company is a California Corporation in good standing. Alysis Software Corporation is privately held.  Grace Yu is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Financial Officer. 

Alysis Software Corporation has published software distributed in the United States, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. 

The company's products have been reviewed in MacWeek, The San Jose Mercury News, Computer Journal, MacUser and MacWorld.  Alysis has run advertising campaigns, including full-page, four-color ads in MacWorld, MacUser, MacWarehouse, Mac's Place, MacZone, and MacConnection. 

Alysis Software Corporation licenses technology to dozens of other companies, including Oracle, Claris, Symantec, NEC Technologies, and Central Point Software. 

Over 1 million copies of software bearing the Alysis Software Corporation logo have been shipped since 1990. 

 copyright 1998 by Alysis Software Corporation.  More Disk Space, SuperDisk!, eDisk, Compatibility INIT, the Alysis Resource Compressor, the Complete Delete, the Alysis Disk Expander, the Alysis Installer, and Safety Belt are tradmarks of Alysis Software Corporation.  DPI-On-The-Fly and the IPM are trademarks of NEC Technologies, Inc.