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Kiosk Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Each kiosk is equipped with a 17-inch high-resolution touch-screen monitor and high-quality stereo speakers.

Options include:

- Credit card reader

- Auto-dialing telephone

- Ticket or receipt printer

- Hard enclosure in choice of colors

The kiosk meets the dimensional requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act: Monitor, telephone handset, credit-card reader and ticket printer heights are all within reach of a seated user.

Software Specifications

The kiosks are equipped with Alysis Interactive Corporation's Web browser which displays only the information which you wish to present to users.

Features include:

- Microsoft Windows or NT OS

- High-Speed Intel CPU

- 30fps video playback

- Virtual private network connectivity

- Merchant server

- Remote monitoring and reboot

Because the kiosk display engine is built upon Web-browsing protocols, existing Web site content can be used in the system with little or no modification. Large local disk storage gives the system better graphics, video and audio than a simple Internet kiosk.