The Complete     
Safety Belt 



Alysis publishes several utilities which serve purposes other than data compression and video control.  The first three of these utilities are available free for non-commercial use.  They can be downloaded from most online services and Macintosh FTP archives.

The Complete Delete is a file utility which completely erases all of the data within a specified file.    

Safety Belt is a utility which can assist users in retrieving files after a system crash.    

The Alysis Disk Expander allows end users to have transparent access to compressed files without using a file compression application.  
The Compatibility INIT allows 68040-based Macintoshes to run 68000 software without cach conflicts.  This software proved invaluable to Apple and Macintosh users making the transition to newer central processing units.


 copyright 1998 by Alysis Software Corporation.  More Disk Space, SuperDisk!, eDisk, Compatibility INIT, the Alysis Resource Compressor, the Complete Delete, the Alysis Disk Expander, the Alysis Installer, and Safety Belt are tradmarks of Alysis Software Corporation.  DPI-On-The-Fly and the IPM are trademarks of NEC Technologies, Inc.