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The Development Team   

Core Team Members  

These are the members of our team who are making Vertigo an insanely great game. They have already proven their mettle in developing software, graphics, and music, as well as in managing creative efforts.   

  Justin Gray  

Justin Gray is CEO of Alysis Interactive Corporation. Five years previously, he served as president of Alysis Software Corporation, a leading provider of compression software products and technologies for Macintosh personal computers. He has founded several startup companies, including Abaton Technology. He served as Vice President of Research and Development of Abaton Technology which grew to 20 million in annual revenues before its acquisition by Everex.

  Igor Knezevich   

Igor Knezevich is an accomplished, award winning 2d/3d graphic artist specializing in 3D Studio, AutoCAD, PhotoShop, Fractal Painter, and Macromedia Director. He has worked with 3D studio since version 1.0 and is proficient with almost all existing IPAS plug-ins. Trained in natural painting and architechture, Igor's work has been published in comics, science fiction magazines and in children's books.

  Greg Rowland  
Peter Gregory Rowland has been developing entertainment software since 1980. Greg did artwork and game logic code for King’s Quest I. He was instrumental in refining the initial adventure game development system. Greg co-authored and illustrated Police Quest I with retired CHP officer Jim Walls. King’s Quest and Police Quest won numerous awards and sold multiple millions of units. Greg also has a strong background in architectural design. Sponsored by O’Neill for competitive surfing, Greg has sailed, surfed and skateboarded most of his life.  

  Darin Wilson 

Darin Wilson is an accomplished programmer in C++, Java, and HTML. He has developed educational titles for the travel industry for Windows 95 and, more recently for the World Wide Web using Java. Darin is also an avid composer and musician. Some of his advertising clients include Sega Genesis, Major League Baseball, The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Porsche, and Pete's Wicked Ale to name but a few. He is a member of the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group of the MIDI Manufacturers Association.

  Brian Wilcox   

Brian Wilcox is an accomplished cartoonist and 3D artist. He is the creator of the Thud comic magazine. Brian’s artwork has graced Harpoon magazine and The Daily Cardinal. His work with 3DStudio demonstrates model construction and animation scripting skills which will be invaluable for project Vertigo. When he is not illustrating or cartooning, Brian participates as a member in the San Francisco 3DStudio Users Group.  

  Jon Wagman  

Jon Wagman is a graduate of the Art Center School of Design in Pasadena. He is a versatile artist, talented in traditional oil painting, watercolor, charcoal and other media. Jon is also an accomplished animator, both in hand-drawing and also in Animator Pro. His recent work in 3DStudio includes human forms and the swimming pool setting in Vertigo. When Jon is not working til the wee hours of the morning, his wacky sense of humor keeps the Vertigo team sane and together.     

Consulting Team Members  

These are the members of our team whose talents and working styles complement those of our core team. They can be counted on to provide code, graphics, sound, and music on an as-needed basis.   

Mark Boccuzzi 
Tom Cardin 
Nima Arkani  
Than Lim 
Peter Alexander  
Andrew Cuniberti  

Advisory Board  

These are the members of our team who have already met with success and are now liberally sharing their time and wisdom to help our team succeed.  

Grace Yu, 59, is Chief Financial Officer of Alysis Software Corporation. She worked previously as loan department head for the Central Trust of China. She served as credit manager for Manufacturer’s Hanover Central Leasing Corporation. Before founding Alysis, she served as loan manager for Integrated Capital Group of San Francisco.  

John Koza, currently operates Third Millenium Venture Capital and serves as consulting faculty for Stanford University. He founded Scientific Games, the company that does Scratchers for the state of California. John Koza is also the inventor of genetic programming.  

Wayne Lew is an attorney at Jackson, Tufts, Cole and Black. His lengthy background in intellectual property law makes him a valuable asset to the group. More importantly, his three children have a healthy appetite for videogames, especially Vertigo.   

Paul Darbee is Chief Scientist at Universal Electronics, a company which makes most of the universal remote controls sold in the United States. Paul has a deep understanding of artificial intelligence. His technology took Universal Electronics from zero sales to over 100 million annually in ten years time.