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About the Alysis Disk Expander™      
The Alysis Disk Expander™ is free software that gives Macintosh users transparent access to compressed files.  Users of Alysis Software's product, More Disk Space have enjoyed enhanced hard disk capacity for some time.  The Alysis Disk Expander extension allows any user to access the files compressed by More Disk Space with the same speed and transparency. 

The Disk Expander gives graphic applications access to EPS, PICT, and TIFF clip art graphics which are compressed at a 4:1 ratio without any delays or disk space overhead.  With the Disk Expander, Macintosh users can have immediate, transparent access to more than 300 megabytes of clip art files on a single Syquest or Bernoulli cartridge.  The Symantec Think Reference online database which normally consumes 2.3 megabytes of disk space, occupies 1.1 megabytes after being compressed with More Disk Space.  The Alysis Expander extension allows for continuous use of the database with no delays for access and no disk space overhead. 

Two remarkable new technologies are employed in the Disk Expander to deliver these results:  Apple Computer's resource compression scheme and Alysis Software's random-access decompression technology.   With Apple's resource compression, users of the Disk Expander can access compressed applications with the same degree of speed and compatibility that they currently access the System and Finder (Both of which are already compressed with the same technology). Alysis Software Corporation's random-access decompression technology allows users to open multi-megabyte files with infinitessimal delays and no disk space overhead. 

The Expander is available free on online information services for non-commercial distribution. 



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