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The Complete Delete    
About the Alysis Complete Delete™      
The Complete Delete™ works by overwriting the contents of a file with an arbitrary string. Once the file is overwritten, it is deleted. This protects the file from being 'undeleted' by Norton Utilities or Central Point Utilities, 
since even if the file is restored, its content has been changed to different data. 

Once the user has selected the file to delete, The Complete Delete opens the file's data fork with a PBOpen. It captures the file's size with a PBGetEOF, and then repeatedly writes out 32K blocks of data into the file until it has been completely over-written. It then performs a PBClose and repeats the process on the file's resource fork. 

To meet military standards, the data on the hard disk must be overwritten numerous times with changing data. The Complete Delete is not so rigorous, although it does stop any commercially-available file utility from resurrecting the deleted file. And as an added bonus, any deleted file that is recovered will reveal only promotional material for Alysis products! 

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