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About the Alysis Compatibility INIT™      
The Alysis Compatibility INIT™ makes Quadras™ and Centris™ computers compatible with Macintosh software, including Microsoft Word 4.0, Excel 3.0, and PageMaker 4.0.  The Compatibility INIT also works with desk accessories like DiskTools 3.0 and Calc3A. 

Version 3.2 of The Compatibility INIT makes Apple’s Macintosh Quadra and Centris computers completely and transparently compatible with software that cannot currently run with the 68040 cache turned on.  New features include full compatibility with System 7.1 and support of Apple’s newest 68040 based machines, the Quadra 800, and the Centris 610 and 650. 

The Compatibility INIT works by recognizing incompatible software as it is launched and using the 68040 MMU to conveniently eliminate incompatibilities and minimize performance sacrifices.  Version 3.2 works transparently with application launching software as well as from the Finder. 

Unlike the cache control panel that Apple ships with the 040 based machines  Alysis’ Compatibility INIT is fully automatic.  It does not require users to reboot to change the cache settings.  In fact, users of the Compatibility INIT can simply execute previously incompatible applications without calling up the control panel at all.  The Compatibility INIT will not put floppy disks and networks at risk when incompatible applications are run on a Quadra or Centris. 

The Compatibility INIT contains a built-in list of applications which were previously incompatible with the Quadra and Centris computers.  Users can update the list through a standard dialog box accessible from the control  panel. 


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